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We All Have a Champion in Us

We All Have a Champion in Us “We all have that person in us that we think of as a hero – and we call that our champion. It’s just so many times, we keep them bottled inside, and you want to have the champion be on the outside. You […]

The Latest Trend in Work Spaces: Coworking

The Latest Trend in Work Spaces:  Coworking So…. For one reason or another, you find yourself looking for a new place to work.  Maybe you’ve recently been set free from the corporate dungeon.  Or you’re a maverick techy – a software developer extraordinaire.  Or a mom who’s just getting back […]

Coworking at Pro Desk Space

If you’re a member of the working population that works from home, then you probably empathize with the feeling that something is missing. You spend the majority of your time sitting at your comfortable home office, working in isolation. What if you didn’t have to work alone? What if you […]